Cottage Core

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      What Is the Cottage Core Collection?

      At Bisoulovely, we love romanticizing the world around us. Finding joy and inspiration in the little things always makes us smile. That’s why we’re excited for you to meet our Cottage Core Collection. As the name suggests, this collection of rings and earrings takes inspiration from the cottagecore aesthetic

      Cottagecore is a concept that embraces simple living and harmony with nature. Imagine yourself living in a thatched roof cottage in the English countryside, foraging for dinner, tending to your garden, and diving into freshwater ponds for a midday dip. Now, you’re there ✨ 

      What Inspired the Cottage Core Collection?

      The soft flutter of a hummingbird’s wings. Lush, overgrown verdure. Fields of wildflowers made for frolicking. It is these simple, yet enchanting pleasures that inspired our Cottage Core Collection. Our sterling silver, gold, and rose gold pieces are inspired by the beauty of the natural world and the natural elements associated with this aesthetic. 

      We drew inspiration for our nature jewelry collection from the shapes, colors, and natural beings in this environment. With just six items of botanical jewelry, this is one of our smallest collections yet, an homage to the inherently simple nature of cottage life. 

      Ready to Step Into Your Fairytale?

      Grab your freshly-baked bread and just-picked berries, lay down a picnic blanket, and take in the ethereal world around you. Let our pieces transport you to your very own fairytale, where life on our beautiful planet is carefree and joy is abundant. When you always have something sparkly to look at, life feels a little more beautiful. Keep reading to learn more about our favorite pieces in this fanciful collection. 

      Cottage Charm Studs

      The Cottage Charm Studs are an assorted collection of some of the natural world’s most simple and beautiful offerings. In this pack, you’ll find a mushroom, strawberry, flower, fern, honeybee, and flower. Mix and match these pieces for an eclectic look that embraces how you feel each day.

      Butterfly Ring

      Is there anything more magical than a butterfly? The most beautiful, delicate bug, the butterfly captivates everyone who watches it float aimlessly between flowers and plants. This pastel pink Butterfly Ring is the perfect piece for anyone who has a soft spot for these precious creatures. 

      Honeybee Ring

      Your homemade breads and jams always need a drizzle of honey. Show this oft-misunderstood insect some extra love by donning the Honeybee Ring on your hand. It dazzles with multicolored cubic zirconia stones set on plated yellow gold. 

      Flower Ring

      A fresh bouquet of flowers is incomparable. Better than the real deal, this Flower Ring lasts forever. The yellow gold piece holds multiple cubic zirconia stones in a variety of colors, for an eye-catching piece that ups the ante on any outfit. 

      Fern Ring

      Channel your inner fairy or pixie dream girl with this Fern Ring. The green cubic zirconia stones will take you to a forest filled with towering trees and musky air. We suppose that’s where the magic begins. 

      Mushroom Ring

      Tales say that if you see a ring of mushrooms on the ground in the forest, it means that fairies have gathered and danced in that exact spot the night before. Whether you get to catch their magical dancing or not, this dainty Mushroom Ring is an easy way to make sure you’re always celebrating. 

      How to Style Your Cottage Core Collection

      The cottagecore aesthetic goes far beyond jewelry. To help you live your most romanticized, cottagecore life, we’ve compiled some simple tips on how to get ready the cottagecore way. 

      What would you wear if you were spending all day doing housework or getting lost in the woods? This is where cottagecore fashion finds its inspiration. Think loose, flowy, and billowy pieces that let you move freely. 

      Romantic touches like puffy sleeves, faded floral patterns, and lace accents are popular. Small odes to the natural world find their way into many of the styles through embroidered accents, like flowers sewn into the hem of a simple linen dress. 

      Accessories should look and feel homemade. Seek out knit hats, simple jewelry, or even flower crowns that have been woven by hand.  

      When putting everything together, don’t stress. An integral piece of the cottagecore aesthetic is embracing the imperfect messiness of life. Wearing mismatched pieces is encouraged and can create an endearing look. 

      Long, wavy hair is often associated with this aesthetic for its traditional, feminine feeling. If that is not your hair type, don’t worry: this aesthetic is for everyone. Let your hair be free. Accentuate your curls by placing some fresh flowers (or flower clips if you prefer) throughout your locks. 

      Like the hair, cottagecore makeup is no-frills and simple in its approach. The cottagecore trend is about your effortless natural beauty, so this routine is quick and easy. Slather on some SPF, paint your cheeks with berry-colored blush, and emulate that sun-kissed glow that you would most definitely have if you spent your time laying in wildflower fields. A simple swipe of mascara will help your eyes glitter like gems, so you can shine like the jewel you are.

      Live Your Fairytale

      Whether you daydream of sourdough starters or picnics cuddled up with your beloved, it’s safe to say we’ve all idealized the simple, romantic cottage life. 

      While it’s not so easy to get away from it all and live in the woods, it couldn’t be simpler to wear these cottagecore-inspired treasures. Whether you give them as gifts or keep them for yourself, the beauty of nature is calling you. When they catch your eye, remind yourself that you, too, have the space to live your life as freely as you please.