MoonStone Collection


      MoonStone Collection

      The pearlescent shine of moonstone makes for an undeniably magical piece of jewelry. A June birthstone, moonstone is known for its iconic pearlescent shimmer. Since it was first found, moonstone has quickly become a symbol of ethereal and heavenly vibrations. 

      The moonlight-like glimmer of moonstone appears to glow from within. Several cultures throughout time have viewed moonstone as a representation of strength, protection, love, and a deep connection with the moon.

      What Is Moonstone?

      Mt. Adular (now known as St. Gotthard) in Sweden, was one of the first locations in which high-quality moonstone was found. This is also the place that was first called moonstone adularia, named after the mountain itself. Today, the term is used to describe the white opalescent glow of moonstone.

      Some of the finest moonstones have been found in Sri Lanka and Southern India. There are several different varieties of moonstone that have been found in other countries, too, like the United States, Mexico, Australia, and Brazil. The rare rainbow moonstone has been found in Madagascar, an island country in eastern Africa. 

      Moonstone’s connection to the moon itself runs deep. Ancient Romans originally believed that the changing phases of the moon actually changed the shades of the moonstones, and this belief was held by many until the 16th century. This inspired the Roman natural historian Pliny to bequeath the gemstone its celestial name. 

      The popularity of moonstone increased significantly throughout the 20th century. The 19th to early 20th centuries brought the Art Nouveau style, which amplified the world’s affection for custom moonstone jewelry.

      A new generation of moonstone fans came to light in the 1960s and 70s. The ethereal and earthy fashion was especially popular during the hippie movement, a testament to this gemstone’s deep connections to peace and love. As the youth of the 70s embraced moonstone, the New Age movement of the 1990s brought this celestial piece to new heights once again. 

      Throughout space and time, human beings have always been drawn to the glowing moonstone and its heightened vibrations. 

      Under Moonlight 

      While we’d believe the moonstone was formed by the galaxy itself, the mineral feldspar plays an incredibly important role in the formation of this glimmering gem. 

      It’s not pixie dust that gives moonstone its otherworldly glow, but feldspar. Moonstone’s glow is so unique, it has its own name: adularescence, named after the mountain where we were first blessed with this gem.

      Two kinds of feldspar form moonstone: orthoclase and albite. These minerals are melded together at the beginning of the process. As the gemstone starts to cool, the albite and orthoclase separate and shift, creating several thin layers of each mineral. In a way, this science is a magical mystery itself.

      When moonstone finds the light, it begins to bounce and reflect between the multiple thin layers of albite and orthoclase. As you turn the stone, the light will seem to move and dance across the surface of the stone.

      A Rainbow of Shades

      Sri Lanka is home to some of the finest white moonstones in the world. This opalescent stone appears milky-white with flecks of light blue, like a sunny and clear sky on a spring day.

      The rainbow moonstone comes from a variety of labradorite feldspar often found in Madagascar. Glimmering with hues that range from peach and yellow to purple and aquamarine, multiple colors can dance across the multi-faceted rainbow moonstone at once.

      This multicolor gem can be beaded alongside amethyst, blue topaz, agate, or garnet, never clashing with the deepest colored gemstones or studs.

      Caring for Moonstone

      Soft like its ethereal appearance, moonstone ranks as a 6 to 6.5 on a Mohs scale which is used to measure a stone’s hardness level. Because moonstone is generally soft, you need to be careful with it, just like you would with the moonlight.

      Be sure not to store your moonstone jewelry with other pieces. Contact with another piece of jewelry while storing can cause dullness or scratching. When it comes time to clean your gemstone jewelry, it is important to only use a dry cloth or warm dish-soapy water.

      Meanings of This Gemstone

      Though moonstone is one of the June birthstones, it is also considered to be a birthstone specifically for those who have been born on a Monday. This day has been known as moonsday. 

      The moonstone is often associated with protection, love, passion, and fertility. It’s popular in engagement rings and casual cocktail rings alike, as natural moonstone is thought to bring positive energy.

      Some of the earliest wearers of moonstone, Ancient Romans believed that this icy gem came directly from a stone that had been frozen from moonlight.

      Hindu mythology also involves the moon in moonstone’s lore. It was thought to be composed of solidified moonbeams, as the light itself seems to glow from within.

      Moonstones have been known through the centuries as a symbol of good luck. It is said that if you hold a little moonstone in your mouth during a full moon, you can see into the future.

      Dancing in the Moonlight

      The BISOULOVELY Moonstone Collection brings together the shimmering shades of moonstone alongside sparkling cubic zirconia, white topaz, and other darling stones. Plated .925 sterling silver provides moonstone pendants and moonstone rings with a base for rose gold, yellow gold, and rhodium white gold to shine.

      • Similar to the style of a tiara, the Melody Ring features three crown jewels of princess cut moonstone accented with three round cuts of cubic zirconia. 
      • The Oriane Necklace is a display as brilliant as shooting stars across a moonlit sky. A brilliant round moonstone gem is surrounded by different cuts of white topaz in this pendant necklace. 
      • The Cherry Blossom Ring is bound to make all your spring dreams come true. Two pink flowers dance around a magical moonstone.

      Wear the Night Sky

      The mystical moonstone is the centerpiece of this BISOULOVELY collection of moonstone necklaces, moonstone bracelets, moonstone earrings, and moonstone rings.

      Light and ethereal, each handcrafted piece is stunningly crafted to resemble the magic of the night sky. Gold moons dance alongside stars and other heavenly bodies in the form of moonstone, topaz, and more.

      The BISOULOVELY Moonstone Collection displays moonstone in a way that perfectly highlights its beautiful simplicity and ethereal rainbow shine.


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