Space Collection


      Space Jewelry: The Galaxy Collection

      She looks up. The velvety night sky is studded with the sparkle of stars and illuminated by the brightness of the moon. It’s mesmerizing. There is so much for her to see, yet so much unknown about the vast beauty of the universe above.

      There may be nothing more whimsical and ethereal than outer space. After all, we wish upon stars and talk to the moon. If you’re itching to channel your inner star-child or dreaming of an adventure through the Milky Way, we’ve got you covered — no spaceship required. 

      Instead, take the easy route and check out our BISOULOVELY Space Collection. It’s sure to bring a celestial, stellar touch to your jewelry collection.

      Ready To Unearth the Collection?

      Our jewelry is always inspired by the people, places, and things we find magical. From the mundane to the excitingly extraterrestrial, we believe there’s magic all around us. 

      The Space Collection features beautiful space necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets inspired by the magical mystery that is the universe. From designs echoing astral objects to colorways influenced by the galaxy, this collection is a sweet and elegant twist on celestial jewelry. 

      Whether astronomy is your passion or you simply love to stargaze, this collection is sure to please the curious wanderer — and wonderer — inside of us all. 

      Suzy Earrings 

      Add a feminine touch and celestial sparkle to your fine jewelry with the Suzy Earrings. These heart-shaped earrings are studded with shiny cubic zirconia stones, featuring a star-shaped stone in the middle and wrapped up with a bow for a feminine touch. 

      Seraphina Pendant 

      The key to channeling your inner star-child? The lustrous Seraphina Pendant necklace. Let this 16-inch chain dangle around your neck to keep this magical, retro-looking star pendant close to your heart. It’s a gorgeous combination of hearts, stardust, and an array of colorful cubic zirconia stones. Together, this star necklace is a piece that’s sure to brighten up any look. 

      Saturn Ring 

      This dainty piece is an ode to Saturn’s plentiful, colorful, and bright rings. The centerpiece of the Saturn Ring is a delicate dreamy pink stone surrounded by metal detailing designed to emulate the look of the magical planet itself. 

      Saturn Key Pendant 

      With its many rings, Saturn is a planet shrouded in mystery and beauty. The Saturn Key Pendant brings that same allure to your everyday look. With plenty of colorful cubic zirconia stones, unique details, and a key design, this pendant is all you need to unlock your inner star-child. 

      Saturn Earrings  

      The Saturn Earrings are designed to look like Saturn and her moon and stars. A big pink cubic zirconia gemstone is the main event, surrounded by dainty metal details that look like the planet’s multiple rings. Dangling from these planet studs are half-moons featuring a sparkly stone to truly embody Saturn’s glistening allure. 

      Portia Hoops

      Add some funk to your aesthetic with the always-cool Portia Hoops. The dangling star-shaped sterling silver hoops are .925 sterling silver plated in gold, rose gold, or rhodium. Along each hoop, you’ll find small, constellation-like details that pay an ever-so-subtle homage to all things intergalactic. 

      Nebula Choker 

      Planets, moon, and stars, oh my! The Nebula Choker features all of our favorite celestial symbols on one stunning strand. The charms are made from a mix of cubic zirconia and synthetic opal stones. Choose from either a yellow gold or rhodium finish for this nebula necklace — whatever suits your cosmic aesthetic best. 

      Nebula Bracelet 

      Every intergalactic gal needs some colorful, cosmic accessories. The Nebula Bracelet is a great place to start. The sterling silver chain is plated in either yellow gold or rhodium. On the chain sit six space-inspired charms in an array of stunning pastel colors. 

      A half-moon pendant studded with colorful cubic zirconia stones, a tiny star holding a round piece of synthetic opal, and a pink cubic zirconia planet are just some of the stunning symbols you’ll find in this constellation of jewels. 

      Mismatched Nebula Studs 

      Across the universe, there are millions and millions of alluring nebulae. A combination of interstellar dust and gas, these clouds give off a gorgeous luminescent glow. Our Mismatched Nebula Studs capture the beauty and grace of these magical space clouds. With six unique shapes and designs, you can mix and match these stud earrings for endless celestial combinations. 

      Mira Ring

      A simple piece for the star-child, the Mira Ring is made of sterling silver and plated in either yellow gold or rhodium. It features a star-cut cubic zirconia stone as well as some other tiny, sparkling stones. This ring is adjustable so every celestial creature can find their perfect fit. 

      Kiana Ring 

      Make a statement with the Kiana Ring. This stunning starburst design and colorful accent stones are just as sweet as they are fun. 

      Juliet Ring

      The Juliet Ring is the perfect piece for lunar lovers. The open ring features a delicate moon covered in colorful cubic zirconia stones on one side and a luminous synthetic opal stone on the other. Simple star details bookend the beautiful stones for a look that’s simply heavenly. 

      Claire Earrings 

      Every cosmic cutie needs a unique pair of dangly earrings. The Claire Earrings are sure to tantalize. A mini-moon is encrusted with white and pink cubic zirconia stones. Hanging from the moon are two delicate chains, one featuring a blue round-cut cubic zirconia charm and the other featuring a dazzling white cubic zirconia star. 

      Adora Earrings

      Look up at the sky and notice the clusters of stars, glistening and bright. The Adora Earrings feature an astral design with a cluster of synthetic opal and cubic zirconia stones at the top and tiny moon charms hanging at the bottom. You’re sure to adore this delicate, dangly pair. 

      Wish Upon a Star

      Even on the darkest, cloudiest nights when you can’t see a star in the sky, we hope these pieces remind you that they’re always there. Bring the whimsy and celestial beauty of the galaxy to your wardrobe every day. We hope these pieces bring as much magic to you as they do to us!


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