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      One look at the BISOULOVELY Stackers collection, and you’ll begin wondering if you’re staring into the night sky. Gaze at constellations of shimmering opal and bright cubic zirconia; a heavenly display of gold-plated wonders awaits you.

      Choose from a selection of incredibly crafted stacking rings. High-quality sterling silver rings are plated with rhodium, white gold, or rose gold and decorated with sparkling gemstones. Opal and cubic zirconia shine like no other.

      Stack to the Stars 

      Celestial beauty reaches another level with the BISOULOVELY Stackers collection. Imagine your fingers decorated with delicate designs of magical gold moons and shining opal stars. Stacks of dainty rings create constellations right on your fingers. 

      Sweet and sparkling bands are perfect for everyday wear. Open rings are size-adjustable and darling for when you want to transform your accessory look. A variety of elaborate-yet-elegant rings complement each other, no matter how you choose to pair them.

      Take one of each style, and see how they pair together for an effortless look. Mix and match similar styles for a cohesive landscape of celestial joy. The opal and cubic zirconia motifs throughout the collections ensure that no matter which rings you choose, they will always look dazzling.

      More Gems to Love

      The BISOULOVELY Stackers collection features a dazzling combination of gemstones in each ring. Opals and cubic zirconia are at the forefront of every stackable piece. These two gems effortlessly complement one another. The subtle shine of the opal beautifully pairs with the diamond-like sparkle of the cubic zirconia. 


      The heavenly qualities of opal have a long history. The name opal is derived from the name Opalus. This means “to see a change in color.” Opal is known for its subtle rainbow-like appearance. 

      The opal featured in the BISOULOVELY stackers collection appears to be a milky white at first glance. Once the light hits it, you will instantly see a shimmering display of hues across the rainbow spectrum, the most prominent of these being a light blue.

      There is no gemstone quite as heavenly as opal is. Throughout history, famous figures like Mark Antony, Napoleon, and Queen Victoria all were very fond of opal. It is said to have first been popularized by the Romans over 2,000 years ago. It’s placed perfectly in any ring stack as a subtle trending statement ring or a pavé accent piece.

      Cubic Zirconia

      Though usually colorless, cubic zirconia can be produced in a variety of shades to rival the amethyst, ruby, garnet, or citrine in hue and shine. Sparkling brighter than a blue topaz, deeper than a peridot, and more durable than any beaded counterpart, to accessorize with cubic zirconia is to sprinkle stardust over your bejeweled treasures.

      The BISOULOVELY Stackers collection features striking cubic zirconia in a number of designs. This gemstone is largely known due to its remarkable resemblance to diamonds.

      When looking for a diamond accent or diamond band, cubic zirconia offers a reliable alternative with stunning color, cut, carat, and clarity.

      Similar to diamonds, cubic zirconia is a durable gem, harder and denser than most stones. Today, cubic zirconia is often used in engagement rings, wedding rings, wedding bands in place of the diamond ring. With just as much shine and beauty with added accessibility, it’s no wonder why people choose cubic zirconia for anniversary bands, birthstone rings, eternity rings, and other significant jewelry pieces.

      Brilliant Bands

      Each of the bands in the BISOULOVELY Stackers collection will pair beautifully with any other rings in the collection. It’s up to you how you choose to style them! 

      • The Adeline Sparkle Ring features a band of alternating gold flowers and cubic zirconia hearts. A pattern of flowers and hearts makes for a darling reminder of youth and sweet springtime joy.
      • The Emery Sparkle Band delivers a bit of bling while still keeping it dainty. A ring of alternating baguette-cut and princess-cut cubic zirconia create a sparkling addition to any stack.

      Sweet Little Shine

      The BISOULOVELY Stackers collection includes an array of open and adjustable rings. Each piece displays a mix of stunning opal and cubic zirconia. Little moons and stars are artfully placed in every ring. Mix and match them along with the stackable bands to create an enchanting night sky scene on your hand.

      • The Astrid and Estella rings both feature a star and a moon, each decorated differently with cubic zirconia and opal stones. Though similar, these twisted rings pair well stacked alongside a sparkling band ring or two.
      • The Juliet Ring especially emphasizes the beauty of moonlight. Multi-colored cubic zirconia stones are encrusted on a gold-plated moon as an opal accent stone sits opposite the moon. This gold stackable ring is a celestial dream.

      How Do I Care for Plated Jewelry? 

      All jewelry pieces in the BISOULOVELY Stackers collection are made of sterling silver plated with rhodium, 14k yellow gold, or 14k rose gold. Most jewelry will require some care to keep it looking perfect and new. You want your pieces to last! 

      With plated jewelry of any kind, upkeep is especially important, so pay attention to strategies for proper care. Scrubs and harsh chemicals can actually be damaging to the surface of your plated jewelry, so beware!

      Rhodium is an extra polished 14k white gold. Gold itself is a relatively soft material, and it must be taken care of to avoid tarnishing. 

      Blemishes and fingerprints on the surface of gold-plated jewelry can often be fixed with a gentle wipe of a soft material. The best practice is to keep your plated jewelry dry, especially when cleaning it.

      Cleaning solutions and other chemicals present the possibility of damage.If your jewelry starts to look a little dainty from daily wear, reach for something dry to polish it, such as:

      • A microfiber towel
      • A cotton ball or cotton swab
      • A soft jewelry cloth

      Abrasive solutions and scrubs could scratch the gold surface or dull its shine. Using one of these dry and gentle materials is much better. If your piece of jewelry is especially in need of a wash, a bit of dish soap or just warm water should bring it back to its original shine. 

      Be sure to specifically avoid using antibacterial soap and jewelry cleaning solutions to keep your starscape shining.

      Sparkle On

      A night sky of moonlight and stars is brought to life through the BISOULOVELY Stackers collection. A constellation of opal and cubic zirconia, these best sellers can grace your lovely fingers with stacks of gold-plated ring sets. Mix and match for an effortlessly decorated look.

      Wander through the rest of BISOULOVELY’s beautiful offerings for necklaces and new arrivals that will pair beautifully with your celestial new set.


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