5 Unique Non-Diamond Engagement Ring Ideas

The concept of soulmates dates as far back as ancient Greece. In Greek mythology, it was told that humans were originally created with four arms and four legs. Fearing humans’ power, Zeus separated humans in half, committing them to a lifetime of searching for their other half. To this day, we continue to search for our twin flame. And when we find them, it is beyond magical. 

Binding your soul with another’s for life is a serious commitment, and we often want to recognize the magnitude of this gesture by offering our partner the perfect engagement ring. Traditionally, rings that signify this devoted union between two people must be centered around the diamond. 

Still, times are quickly changing and a new wave of spiritualism and conservationism has finally expanded what we come to think of as the perfect engagement ring. Understandably blinded by the world’s obsession with crystal clear diamonds, you miss out on the unique opportunity to honor your soon-to-be life partner with a unique stone that is truly reflective of them and your intimate relationship. 

For a variety of reasons, diamonds are no longer as popular as they once were for memorable engagement rings. We now have an abundance of knowledge about the spiritual properties of gemstones, an apprehension for unethically sourced diamonds, and a need to redefine our most meaningful life moments through our passions and relationships, and not historical trends. 

Why Are Non-Diamond Engagement Rings Popular? 

Non-diamond engagement rings do generally cost less than traditional wedding rings, further popularizing this unconventional practice. Many would rather spend money on experiences with their lifelong partner than on a ring, but money does not equal meaning. 

When you relieve yourself of the fabricated constrictions of diamond engagement rings, you open yourself up to an entire world of endless styles and options to choose from. Exploring this abundance of choice allows you the freedom to pick a more personal, creative, and unique ring to compliment your partner that could mean so much to them than a traditional diamond ring. 

Rose Quartz Rings

We begin our list here with by far our most treasured love gemstone: rose quartz. Rose quartz has an undeniable attraction for love and passion, which has earned it the name of the Love Stone over centuries. Rose quartz has been used by ancient civilizations in jewelry dating as far back as ancient Rome. This love stone truly transcends time and space.

In the healing arts, rose quartz is known for adding an air of romance to your surrounding and amplifying the love around you. Rose quartz also promotes tolerance, self-trust, and unconditional love. 

One derivative type of rose quartz perfect for a truly magical engagement ring is lavender quartz. Lavender quartz is a stone of love, healing, and joy. It is a type of rose quartz with high levels of titanium or manganese, granting it is delicate lilac pink color. Here are two of our favorite rings that feature a prominent lavender quartz stone perfect for a dreamy engagement. 

Veronica Royal 14K Ring

Our first pick is just the ring for you to confess your devotion to the queen in your life. A lavender quartz gem shines amongst a sea of diamonds with the Veronica Royal ring. This is the perfect engagement ring to make your significant other feel like true royalty. 

The Veronica Ring features a beautiful angular lavender quartz center stone framed with lunar accents and shimmering moissanite accent stones. This dreamy ring is a beautiful statement ring that shines with a romantic aesthetic. The ring is crafted from 14K solid gold but is customizable to your lover’s preference of yellow, rose, or white gold.

Anna Ring

The Anna Ring features a gorgeous circular rose quartz stone. This elegant ring highlights its center stone with an ethereal halo of quartz and cubic zirconia stones. A single band of sterling silver .925 plated in rose gold compliments this flowery.

Meaning grace, Anna is a timeless ring for the most classically enchanting girls. This ring is perfect for the soft, delicate hand of a girl full of wisdom yet youthful in spirit. 

Emerald Stone Rings

Emeralds are deep and soulful stones. They symbolize hope and intense spiritual love and connection. Emerald is also believed to open up your heart chakra and open you up to better receiving love, making it an excellent choice for an engagement ring. Emerald is an exceptionally beneficial stone for love and marriage. 

If your partner has ever struggled with self-love, keeping an emerald close can help them learn to be more receptive to the compassion and care you have to offer them. (An emerald engagement ring may even help encourage them to say yes!) 

Emerald is a gem of Mercury, promoting intelligence, granting clarity of mind, and soothing an anxious mental state. Mercury is the master of communication, so emeralds can help develop healthy communication as lifelong partners. 

Moonstone Rings

Moonstones are one of the most heavenly gems you could incorporate into jewelry. The ethereal and sophisticated moonstone shines like crystallized moonlight, reflecting a sea of luminescent colors. 

The Ancient Romans even believed the moonstone was constructed from solidified moon rays. The mystical sheen of the moonstone known as adularescenceoccurs light reflects off the layers of feldspar minerals within the stone.

Not only is the moonstone a captivating feldspar mineral, but it is also regarded as a powerful conductor of feminine energy, making it perfect for proposing to your cherished feminine life-long partner. According to astrology, moonstone jewelry is ideal for promoting long-lasting relationships by building trust between partners and alleviating conflict. 

The moonstone generates protective energy and can soothe the mind in times of self-doubt or insecurity in relationships. The moonstone can also help you communicate more clearly with your partner by sobering an anxious mind and can even help you control your emotions to better express your needs to your partner. 

The moonstone’s celestial glow is believed to provide protection and good fortune and to enhance a sense of balance and intuition. Paired to the heart, third eye, and crown chakras, moonstones can soothe the soul and, in return, release love and abundance. Its high vibrations and celestial ties had secured the moonstone a spot as one of the most memorable gems that humans have been drawn to throughout history. 

Melody Ring

The Melody Ring is a perfect engagement ring for a girl who is spiritual but prefers simplicity. It is dashingly elegant and regal, fanning out its moonstones and accent stones to resemble a delicate tiara. This ring centers not one but three elongated moonstones surrounded by sparkling cubic zirconia. 

Ally 14K Ring with Moissanite

The Ally 14K Ring is the most mystical of rings to display a moonstone. Featuring a gorgeous oval moonstone at its heart, the Ally Ring is an engagement piece unlike any other. This captivating stone is only elevated by its shimmering Moissanite accent stones. 

With flower and leaf accents, this ring is a magical choice for a girl who finds herself called to nature. Or use this ring as a message to your partner that you are ready to plant your roots and grow a compassionate and supportive life together with them. 

Ruby Stone Rings

According to astrology, the ruby is yet another beneficial stone for embracing passionate love and a strong marriage. Due to the ruby’s association with the sun, some award it the title of “King of Gemstones.” The ruby is a symbol of happiness, energy, passion, health, and enthusiasm. This energetic stone is perfect for honoring and binding a fiery, passionate relationship between two twin flames.

The ruby has both physical and spiritual properties. It can invite positivity into your life to help strengthen your relationship with your partner. Even deeper, the ruby invites romance into your life and intensifies satisfaction with your partner. 

Rubies were once the jewels of royalty, adorning the garments and accessories of ancient kings and queens, making the ruby engagement ring a majestically regal choice for your life partner.

Pink Tourmaline Ring

Tourmaline was first discovered off the West Coast of Italy by Dutch traders in the late 17th century. It derives its name from the Sinhalese term "turmali,” referring to colored crystals found on the island of Sri Lanka. This well-suited name is a tribute to tourmaline’s ability to perfectly mimic other popular gemstones. For centuries, pink and red tourmaline was even mistaken for rubies. 

Various cultures have developed their beliefs as to what benefits and protections tourmaline can bring to its wearer. Ancient ceremonies in India utilized tourmaline as a tool to garner insight and aid in the discovery of that which is good and just. 

Pink tourmaline is the rarest member of the tourmaline family, rarer than rubies even. This makes it a unique stone to represent the rarity of finding someone you feel so deeply for that you would wish to spend a lifetime together, the most desired love of all. Pink tourmaline itself represents a deep love of humanity and kindness.

Pink tourmaline carries the virtue of unconditional love and companionship and can calm negative emotions that cause strife in relationships. Some say it instills confidence in love and can even act as an aphrodisiac. It encourages its wearer to love gently and honestly, making it a truly memorable engagement stone. 

Alice Fuscia 14K Ring Set with Moissanite

The stunning Alice Fuscia Ring is BISOULOVELY’s solid gold addition to the Alice Ring Set collection. This captivating piece radiates emotion and tenderness. The prominent pink tourmaline tear drop acts as a heart protector for its wearer and is supported by a glistening crown of moissanite accent stones. Its name Alice means “noble,” and it’s the perfect ring to honor and celebrate the virtuous bond between souls. 

An Unforgettable Engagement

We hope these unique engagement rings expand your mind and encourage you to explore new ways to honor your partner and commit yourself to a lifetime of love and companionship with them. Regardless of which stone you choose, you will experience the spiritual benefits of finding your other half and relishing in the magic of your devoted engagement.



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