VSholovely – A VShojo x Bisoulovely Collaboration!

Pop Quiz! What does a Lich, a glitchy AI, a demon queen, a cyborg, a genius, a lonesome spirit, and an alien-dragon-robot hybrid have in common? Honestly... not that much... EXCEPT one important thing! They are all energetic content creators for VShojo, and they are all part of Bisoulovely’s most recent VShojo x Bisoulovely collaboration! 

Sit back and enjoy as we look at the colorful mark of each of these talents have made in the world of Vtubing, and the delightfully elegant jewelry that we have paired with each of them for this collaboration! 


Apricot – The Bittersweet Lich 

Once creating art as she lets the days pass by in her castle located in the underworld, Apricot, with the looming danger of a demon uprising in her kingdom, decides to travel to the mortal world following the footsteps of the original demon queen. Once there, Apricot becomes a Vtuber that harvests souls by absorbing them as the Twitch subscriptions she receives. Once she becomes big enough, she hopes to one day start her own virtual Fashion brand.  

For Apricot’s jewelry, we created a necklace in the likeness of a little bat. It features a deep purple stone as the centerpiece, along with a smaller green stone dangling below. It’s held by a sterling silver chain. 



 Projekt Melody – The Adorable Binary Expression 

A glitchy artificial intelligence, that gained sentience of the world through the internet by a malware break. She became obsessed with the “human body” and wanted to learn as much as she could about every aspect, if you catch my drift. She shares her mind with 2 other alternative identities – her gremlin sidekick, Malady, and the villain, Melware. Described as altruistic and moderately insane, Melody delights her viewers with an abundance of dad jokes, sexual humor and swearing like nobody's business. 

Projekt Melody’s jewelry is a purple pendant that varies in hues of purple, with a silver touch at the end. Inscribed with the phrase, “Hentai AI” along with a logo, this piece is sure to add a futuristic touch to whatever outfit you’re planning to rock! 



Ironmouse – The Demon Queen Herself  

At one time, she was an angel, sitting close to the creator themselves, Ironmouse became bored with the mundane and monotonous life that was given to her up in heaven. She became unsatisfied with the way things were and decided to go into the creator’s chambers herself to satisfy her own curiosity. Preaching how she felt, other angels followed her. Once inside, only pure horror awaited them, for whatever they saw was burned out of their memories. Thrown out of heaven, and now in the deepest levels of the abyss, Ironmouse became the Queen of Hell – however leading was as boring as living up in heaven. As if fate ordained it, she found a portal out, leading her to Gaia – or Earth, where she would begin her life as a Vtuber, making many friends along the way! 

A new piece to add to the Ironmouse collection, these earrings are as fun and mischievous as the Demon Queen herself! With hearts, bows, and teardrop shaped gems, these cute dangly earrings will be sure to add a little extra cuteness to any look you plan to rule the world with! 



Henya – The Genius 

Trapped in a scientific facility where children were tested on in various areas, there was one girl who was separated from the rest. Simply known as a genius, there was no way to measure her level of intelligence, so they labeled her with an IQ of 999. Finding her chance, she escaped from the facility, and stumbled upon a rundown mansion where she decided to settle down and live in. The cube hanging from her neck occasionally glows blue-white and emits energy, charging all her electrical appliances so she doesn't have to charge her phone. Henya also likes cats, sweets and games. 

Inspired by her own cube, Henya’s jewelry is a replica of it! Although it may not be able to emit light, or charge your electronic devices, it will definitely charge up your cuteness, with its gold finish and purple gem! 



Zentreya – The Cyborg  

Initially from the distant future, Zentreya is a cyborg that was sent back in time to the year 2022 to stop the vicious villain, Melware from wreaking havoc on the populous in her time. A headstrong warrior, she loves to meet new people and make friends, however she struggles with the habit of yelling at them as well. She tends to enjoy the 21st century culture she has become accustomed to and likes memes and pulling pranks on others. 

In case you ever plan on going on cross-time adventures like Zentreya, you should definitely pick up her jewelry piece! This sterling silver necklace is complimented with a bat-winged cross pendant featuring orange gemstones. Perfect for the adventurer inside! 



Hime Hajime – The Hybrid 

An Alien-Dragon-Robot hybrid from some far away planet, Hime Hajime was attracted to Earth for the various forms of entertainment our planet has to offer. Eventually making her way over to Japan, Hime currently lives in an old Japanese apartment spending her time playing some video games and drinking alcohol. Hime chose her name after reading it in an “eroge” manga during her time in Japan. 

A pair of 8-pointed star earrings with a light-blue stone in the middle is the accessory of choice for our little overlord in training. You too can feel like a true cosmic queen while wearing these stunning and unique pieces! 



Haruka – The Lonesome Spirit 

A spirit that has been around since the beginning of human history, Haruka has watched the growth of this young species throughout their lives. When humanity became threatened by an elder Eldrich God, Haruka stood up and fought for the safety of the people she has watched for so long. Although she feels like she is on a never-ending journey, with each connection she makes, Haruka feels like she is getting closer to being the person she dreams to be. 

To close off the collection, Haruka’s pendant is our offering to the Karibu! This gold pendant is outfitted with green and blue stones, having the center spherical stone wrapped in a golden branch. Wear this to invite Haruka’s inspiring charm and energy into your life!