How to Measure Your Ring Size At Home

Have you been wanting to buy a BISOULOVELY ring but don’t know your ring size? Can’t get out to a jewelry store during self-quarantine? This post will help you with at-home finger measurements so you can purchase the right sized ring from our store.

Ways to Measure at Home

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The most reliable way to measure your ring size at home is a specially manufactured ring sizer that you can purchase online from a jeweler; however, printable sizers are also available from jewelers and they work in the same way. You simply place one of your existing rings over the different sizes and the circle that fits the inner diameter of your ring is the size you wear, which you can use to figure out your ring size using our chart.

You may also be able to find a printable paper strip online from a jeweler to measure your ring size. The strip will have a section with tick marks corresponding to ring size numbers. Wrap it around your finger, and the tick mark that the end of the strip overlaps on should be your ring size.

What to Keep in Mind While Measuring

The most important thing to remember is to measure for the finger you are planning to wear your ring on! Even if you think your index and ring finger are the same size, it doesn’t hurt to keep this seemingly small detail in mind for sizing to make sure you’re getting the best fit.

Which finger are you going to wear the ring on?

Take into account the width and type of the ring you’re looking at. Wider bands should be sized a little larger than your true fit so that your finger can still bend and move comfortable while wearing the ring. For the same reason, you should also consider sizing up if you’re purchasing stacking rings.

A ring should be tight enough so that it doesn’t slip off your finger if your fingertips are facing the ground, but you should still be able to slide it comfortably on and off over your knuckle. Your finger size/width will also change due to a variety of factors, like the temperature. We know that things generally expand in the heat and contract in the cold. With that in mind, your finger will likely expand in size during the summer. Conversely, your finger will contract in size during colder months.

We hope you'll find your size!

While these at-home methods are great substitutes for getting sized professionally, keep in mind that they won’t be 100% accurate! For instance, your printer settings might affect the actual printed measurements on a printed sizer or paper strip. However, some printable sizers do come with guidelines on how to print correctly, as well as a measurement reference like a ruler on the page to measure with your own ruler to help you determine if the print job is accurate. On the other hand, if you have to use a string to simulate a ring around your finger, pulling it too tautly or not holding it tightly enough may cause the string to be the incorrect length, and that will subsequently measure the wrong size on a ring sizer.

Whichever method you choose to measure your ring size at home, we wish you the best luck and hope to see you order from our shop soon! Let us know if you have any other questions about how to size for BISOULOVELY rings!