Jewelry for Mom in 2022

There is nothing as magical as a mother’s love. Our mother’s love is transcendent because we experience her protection and care long before we embrace the physical world. It is her wisdom, patience, and protection that help guide us through life and prepare us to take on the world on our own.

It is so important to honor the work our mothers do and show them how much we value their triumphs and sacrifices. With so much respect for our mothers, it can be difficult to find a gift worthy of her spirit and reflective of her strength. 

We receive so much of our spiritual energy from our mother’s caring embrace. So, what could be a more beautiful way to return that love than by gifting her a piece of jewelry that is just as special and energetically charged as she is?

We want your mother to look and feel like the goddess she is, and we know just how to make it happen. Today, we have gathered a simple list of pieces and collections that capture the divine feminine energy embraced by our mothers that can reflect your mother’s unique shine.

Giving the Gift of the Night Sky

Grounded in her physical being, she gazes at the stars above and dreams of her cosmic self flying far away through the heavens. Twinkling stars pepper the night sky and tempt her to leave her mortal life behind to join the boundless constellations. Little does she know of her true connection to the galaxy overhead. 

The burning stars offer so more than their beauty but also a deeper understanding of ourselves. Adorning a necklace with your personal zodiac sign can bring positive vibrations inward and help shine the inner soul outward to the world. 

The greatest contribution of BISOULOVELY’s Horoscope Collection is the ability to customize your gift. Present your mother with a perfectly matched zodiac pendant to help her connect to her paired astrological entity.

Horoscope Keys and Earrings

Our horoscope is the key to unlocking who we truly are and there is no greater way to honor your astrological truth than by adorning a unique horoscope key. Constructed of sterling silver .925 plated in rhodium or yellow gold, Horoscope Keys are studded with white cubic zirconia and synthetic opal stones crafting each zodiac’s corresponding constellation. 

Gift the magic of the night sky to your mother with her personal constellation on a necklace or as an ethereal pair of earrings.

Horoscope Pendants

Allow your mother’s astrological connection to shine with a unique Horoscope Pendant. Balancing the natures of the day and night, each pendant is sun-shaped with lunar details and sparkling synthetic accent stones. 

Each unique zodiac symbol is showcased against a pink Mother of Pearl disc. This celestial pendant can feature any of the twelve zodiac signs and comes on an extendable chain in rose gold or yellow gold. 

Honoring Your Own Mother Goddess

Walking through the whispering forest, she admires the swaying of the trees overhead and the gentle rustling of hidden wildlife in the nearby brush. Stopping to investigate a unique fuschia flower blossoming from a fallen tree, she wonders about what secrets lie in the unseen world beyond the thick trees. 

Entering a small clearing, she kneels to feel the fresh, untouched grass and wishes she could spend eternity here with the sun peeking through the clouds and kissing her face.

Within each of us and our mothers is a true and intimate connection to Mother Earth. Known as Gaea in Greek mythology, Mother Earth is worshipped as the goddess of motherhood, fertility, and creation. As the believed creator of all life, Gaea represents a oneness between all things and depicts our Earth as a single, living system. 

What better way to connect with your mother than by honoring her relationship with the life she has created? Celebrate her grounding spirit with a piece from BISOULOVELY’s Leafy Collection

Willow Ring

Plated in soft rose gold, the Willow Ring depicts an enchanting vine wrapping around a blossoming opalescent stone with cubic zirconia accents. The shimmering detailed engraving will have your mother feeling like she has just returned from a long journey through a magical wood with only this treasure to memorialize her precious time spent there.

Aspen Earrings

These leafy Aspen Earrings are their own slice of forest magic. Golden leaves stretch toward the ground and reflect the internal life and creation that stems from our internal earthly goddess. With charming detail, these earrings carry a mystical energy your mother will be sure to fall in love with. 

Why Moonstones Are Perfect for Mothers 

On a brisk summer night, she gazes out at the sea and admires the twinkling waves as they crash and roll along the shoreline. Spellbound by the glowing reflection of the moon on the water, she gazes up and ponders her connection to the great celestial energy washing over her. 

The ethereal opalescent glow of moonstone makes for a genuinely mystical piece of jewelry. With the appearance of a full moon shining through a mist of thin clouds on a quiet night, it is hard to deny the captivating power of the stone’s beauty. The structure within a moonstone scatters the light that hits it, producing a phenomenon known as adularescence (a word derived from Mt. Adular, one of the first locations high-quality moonstone was discovered).

Not only is moonstone a gorgeous feldspar mineral, but it is known for aiding in channeling feminine energy, perfect for the prominent feminine power in your life. Due to its ethereal glow, moonstone is believed to provide protection and good fortune while enhancing a sense of balance and intuition.

Paired to the third eye, crown, and heart chakras, moonstone alleviates anxiety and soothes the soul while releasing abundant love in return. Moonstone’s high vibrations have solidified it as one of the stones human beings have remained most drawn to across time. 

As delicate as moonlight itself, moonstone is a soft stone and must be cared for gently. BIOSOULOVELY’s Moonstone Collection allows you to gift the magic of the night sky with a gorgeous assortment of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings. 

Here are some highlights that we think are perfect presents for mothers… 

Melody Ring

The Melody Ring highlights not just one, but three princess-cut moonstones orbited by three round cuts of cubic zirconia. Banded in a stunning sterling silver .925, the Melody Ring can be plated in rose gold or rhodium white gold to cater to your mother’s signature style. 

Resembling a tiara, the Melody Ring is perfect for honoring the queen in your life. 

Oriane Necklace

The breathtaking Oriane Necklace is a beautiful display rivaling that of the vast cosmos. Centering a round moonstone gem and framed by various cuts of white topaz, the Oriane necklace comes in rose gold, yellow gold, and rhodium white gold variations. 

Born from the concepts of shooting stars and meteor showers, the Oriane Necklace is perfect for gifting a stone known for its good fortune. 

Venus Ring

Named after the goddess of love and beauty, the 14K rose gold plated Venus Ring features a rainbow moonstone accented by elegant sapphire and pearl. In Greek mythology, pearls are claimed to be the tears of Aphrodite, Venus’ spiritual pairing. The Venus Ring is a beautiful gift to highlight your mother’s divine feminine energy and help attract all the grounding love she deserves. 

The Gift of Motherhood

Returning home from a long time away, you run to your mother and crash into her loving arms. A mother’s comforting embrace is all you need to feel whole and protected. You sigh and sink in. There is nothing sweeter than this moment. 

Though it is near impossible to wrap up the magnitude of magnetic spirit and love our mothers give to the world in a simple piece of jewelry, we can gift these unique pieces of material beauty to reflect the energetic beauty of our mothers. The simple gesture of searching and collecting a piece as rare as her is already a gift worth celebrating. 

We hope we’ve provided you with a plethora of pieces to give your mother a gift she will never forget and never want to take off. Whether your mother is nature-bound, star-swept, or moon-struck, there is a captivating piece of jewelry to match her radiating feminine power. 



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